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Size Guide - Horse rugs

We recommend you order the rug size your horse usually wears. If in doubt you can measure your horse's/pony's rug size using a tape measure.

Measure from centre of the chest around the body to the back of the hind leg, to one side of the tail. See image below:-


Different fabrics have a different amount of stretch and therefore may fit differently. Please read the following advice when choosing a rug size or if you are unsure.

Shiny Show Lycra Rugs are very stretchy so choose smaller rather than bigger.

Our weatherproof rugs have a medium amount of stretch so order your horse's\pony's usually rug size or the closest size to their actual measurement. This applies to the Bug Body.

Fleece Jams Rugs have a minimum stretch so order your horse's/pony's actual rug size or measurement.

Petticoat Rugs have no stretch in the fabric so choose bigger rather than smaller.

If in doubt please contact us for advice. All Rugs come complete with fitting instructions to help you when trying on for the first time.

For Continental and US rug sizing please see the conversion chart below:-

Rug Size
(Feet & Inches)
Ins Cms EU Back Seam
in Cms
Fits approx
3'0"36"91cm60cmUnder 10hh/Foal
3'3"39"99cm65cmUnder 10hh/Foal
3'6"42"107cm70cmUnder 10hh/Foal
3'9"45"114cm75cmUnder 10hh/Foal
4'0"48"122cm80cm10.0hh - 10.2hh
4'3"51"130cm85cm10.2hh - 11.0hh
4'6"54"137cm90cm11.0hh - 11.2hh
4'9"57"145cm95cm11.2hh - 12.2hh
5'0"60"152cm105cm12.2hh - 13.2hh
5'3"63"160cm110cm13.2hh - 14.0hh
5'6"66"168cm115cm14.0hh - 14.2hh
5'9"69"175cm125cm14.2hh - 15.2hh
6'0"72"183cm135cm15.2hh - 16.0hh
6'3"75"191cm140cm16.0hh - 16.2hh
6'6"78"198cm145cm16.2hh - 16.3hh
6'9"81"206cm155cm16.3hh - 17.0hh
7'0"84"213cm160cm17.0hh - 17.2hh
7'3"87"221cm165cm17.2hh - 18.0hh
7'6"90"229cm175cm18.0hh plus