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Blog » What Is Queensland Itch? - How To Stop It In It's Tracks

The Summer months can be a source of dread for horse owners all over Australia as that's the time that Queensland itch might affect your horse.

This horrible condition affects horses to the point where they rub constantly in order to relieve the itch and irritation. Another name for the condition is 'Summer Eczema'

The midges that cause Queensland itch are highly active in warm humid conditions. They breed like crazy and are often found in wet marshy land.

This condition can cause bald patches where the horse has rubbed the hair away and in severe cases can cause sores and bleeding.

If you notice your horse is suffering in the Summer then make sure you treat the condition as well as investing in a horse blanket to stop it from getting any worse. You will want to prevent your horse from rubbing as much as possible but inevitably they will try and rub to get some relief. Coverage will at least stop them rubbing the hair and the skin away.

Apply insect repellents and invest in a fan that can be safely installed in the stable. You want to make the environment as hostile as possible for the dreaded midge.

We're often asked 'Is there a cure for Queensland itch?' and unfortunately the answer is no there isn't a cure as yet. All you can do is help to alleviate the symptoms if your horse has it or better still stop it from affecting your horse to start with. If you put all best measures in place it may be possible to stop it before it starts but don't beat yourself up if it does take hold. There are lots of things you can do and loads of advice available to you online. Sometimes, despite all your best efforts your horse will be bitten but there is so much you can do if this is the case so don't despair. We know some owners don't like to see their horse in a blanket during the Summer but it really is the best defence against itching and biting and if they could thank for you it they would!