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Blog » Warm Winter Clothing For Horses: Keep Your Horse Warm This Winter

Winter horse blankets The best way to keep your horse warm in the winter months is with a cosy fleece blanket from Snuggy Hoods!

winter horse bankets

The Snuggy Hoods Winter horse blanket is perfect for the long Winter months.

winter horse blankets

Snuggy Jams prevent the winter coat from growing and ruining the summer sheen we work so hard all summer to achieve. Manufactured to our very own original design these jams are all your horse needs to keep his/her coat in tip top condition.

The Snuggy Jams blanket is made from the softest, cosy polar fleece covering body and belly.

It is elasticated at wither and chest and around the rear for a close yet comfortable fit.

Teamed with the Snuggy Jams Hood the Snuggy Jams Set provides ultimate coverage for winter warmth.

Another popular combination is the Turn Out Hood worn with the Snuggy Jams Rug.