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Blog » The Right Turn Out Hood For Your Horse

At Snuggy Hoods, we are first and foremost, horse owners, so we are well aware of the many things that you will think of when choosing your horses turn out hoods. The time of year, the temperature and weather conditions, the type of horse, clipped, going to be clipped and so on.

For this reason, we have many to choose from so we are confident you can find one to suit yours and your horses needs.

Headless Weatherproof Horse Hood

The Headless Hood from Snuggy Hoods is perfect for all those wanting to keep their horse as clean as possible without the worry of covering the face. It can be used both inside and out, rain, shine or snow under any stable or turn out rug. Use with the Turn Out Head on those disgusting days when you need to keep the mud at bay!

Constructed of a fully breathable, robust, machine washable fabric and lined with a seamless, shiny fabric through the mane and shoulder which helps the mane stay flat and tidy. The Headless Hood is elasticated and adjustable around the top and cut extra long so it sits securely behind the ears even when the neck is extended down fully to graze.

Being self-fixing the Headless Hood can be used with any rug but works perfectly with the fleece Jams Rug for complete coverage.

Turn Out Weatherproof Horse Hood

The Snuggy Hoods Turn Out Hood is the ultimate time-saver for the busy rider when bringing wet, muddy horses in from the field. It gives back hours spent grooming so that you have more time to ride and enjoy your horse or pony.

It can also be used in the stable to prevent stable stains and to protect plaits before a show being the most versatile Hood on the market.

Constructed of a robust yet breathable, shower proof, fully washable stretch fabric and lined with a silky "shoulder and mane saver" to prevent these areas from being rubbed or chaffed and helps the mane stay flat and tidy. It is designed for use all year round.

The Turn Out Hood also features a water repellent finish, an adjustable nose for better fit, self-fixing surcingle and elastic poll adjusters for added security.

Both of these Turn Out Hoods can be used together with either a standard or full neck turn out rug if required.

Click Here - Turn Out Hood Fitting Video