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Hi Snuggy Hoods,

It has been a while since we last caught up so just thought I would get in touch to let you know how your Snuggy Hood-sponsored riders were getting on down in New Zealand.

It is the middle of a VERY wet, muddy winter here and we have had the team turned out for the past few weeks. Just bringing them back into work/prep now with the first show of our season due to start in early October. Just a small country show to warm up with, then on to North Island Premiers later that month.

We are still got Eastdale Diva, who won her fourth NZ Small Show Pony of the Year title on the trot in March. We are taking a deep breath and making the plunge by taking her back to Australia in March. She has qualified for their Grand Nationals show and we shall stay on to compete at Sydney Royal. She was runner up at the EA Nationals in Australia last year so fingers and toes crossed, we hope she will be competitive again when we return.

We are just trying to decide whether we take her stablemate, Guardsman, with her to compete in the Small Saddle Hunter titles. He has also qualified and will certainly be competitive, but that decision will come down to our fundraising.

We also had a great season with our new pony, LP First Edition. Leo won both the First Ridden and Open show pony titles at Nationals in January. He is a quirky individual but is a true showman so looking forward to next season with him.

I also have two novice hacks to campaign this season, each a very different type. One is a strong moving gelding who should also make a lovely rider class mount; the other is a VERY fine-boned mare: chalk and cheese. Will send some photos through once we are not all standing in 8 inches of mud.

Sadly our lovely riding horse had to be put down last month due to his arthritis but his stable mate will still compete lightly in the park hack ring. He is 17 years old now though and starting to show his years: hence the young hacks coming through.

I have just put in my latest order of Snuggy hoods and accessories for these newbies, finally feels like our show season is almost here.

As ever, thank you all so much for your support and sponsorship.

Fiona Honeyman