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Blog » Summer Horse Rugs - The Best Choice In Summer Blankets

So the seasons are changing and it's time to think about a Summer rug for your horse. But which rug to choose? There are a few good reasons for investing in a Summer rug. You might think why bother? but a good Summer blanket can actually help to keep your horse cool if they are made from a quality breathable fabric.

Here at snuggy Hoods we stock a variety of Summer rugs in varying styles and colours as well as every size you can imagine. If you can't see the size you need then please do contact us because we can alter rugs and hoods to your own horse's requirements.

It's all important to know the size of rug that best fits your horse and also the style that suits them. All horses are different and what is right for one may not be right for another.

How To Measure Accurately For The Best Fit

We would suggest you use a soft tape measure for accuracy. You may need to ask someone to help you.

A light weight rug is best for the warm weather and one that leaves the neck free that is unless you are protecting your horse from those dreaded biting insects that seem to descend on them year after year. If that is the case we have the perfect solution with the Snuggy Hoods rug and anti itch combos.