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The slinky hood/shiny show horse hood is one of the latest additions to the Snuggy clothing for horses range.

Having an outlet and warehouse in Australia means we can offer the Snuggy brand with minimal postage to customers across the country.

Horse Hoods Sydney - Queensland - Adelaide........

These fantastic hoods are a big favourite with top showing professionals, who not only use them to keep plaits tidy the night before a show but to help kick start training the mane to lie flat.

Slinky Hoods For Keeping Plaits In Place

In addition they are ideal for use to keep plaits in place whilst traveling and keep natives long locks hay free, so they arrive at the showground clean, tidy and ready for the ring.

slinky horse hoods

There is the option of a zip for ease of fitting which runs from chin to chest. Without the zip the Hood is pull on so simply slipped over the nose and pulled back into position.

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