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Blog » Should Your Horse Wear A Winter Blanket: Rugs For The Colder Weather

winter horse blanketsSo the temperature is lowering and you are wondering whether you should wrap your horse in a warm blanket this Winter.

If your horse is older or has trouble keeping weight on then the extra protection that a turnout blanket or waterproof winter blanket provides, is just what the Doctor ordered.

In fact all horses will benefit from a cosy blanket if there is a breakthrough wind in the stable. It gives them that added protection, comfort and all round warmth that is so important at this time of year.

Chuck a bit of rain into the mix and your horse if left un-blanketed can become cold and shivery.

A horse blanket should be made from breathable fabric or else he/she can become sweaty underneath causing them to be wet and uncomfortable.

You will instinctively know if your horse needs a blanket. Some will actively avoid you when they see you approaching with it!