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Blog » How To Prevent Queensland itch: Summer Itching In Horses

What is Queensland itch?

Also known as Sweet Itch Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD) , Summer Itch or more technically, Culicoides Hypersensitivity.

A rug or hood from Snuggy Hoods that has been designed to prevent Queensland itch is perfect to stop that dreaded summer itching.

Which Rug Should I Buy To Best Stop Queensland itch In My Horse?

The Snuggy Rug in haint blue is the perfect option. With great coverage this anti itch rug gives all the protection your horse needs. Complete protection from flies, midges and other insects that might irritate your horse.

stop queensland itch

There is also the option to add the Sweet Itch/Queensland Itch Head with ears and fringe, as well as Front Legs, Sheath Cover or Udder Cover for extra coverage for severe sufferers.

Offering poll to dock protection - the Snuggy Bug Body® is the most innovative, protective 'Bug Body' on the market.

Snuggy Hoods are lucky enough to have gained the 'Royal Seal' as suppliers to her Majesty. We have recently launched websites in both Australia and the USA.