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Blog » How to Plait Your Horse Ready For The Show Ring

horse skinny hood lycra hood for mane plaits


Before starting make sure your horses mane is clean and scurf free. Use a skinny horse hood the night before to help the mane stay flat and tidy.

Ensure the mane is pulled to an adequate length, around 12cm, and thickness before plaiting. Not too thick or too thin and the same thickness all the way down the mane for even size plaits.

Some people find it easier to plait when the mane is dry or wet, experiment to find out what is easiest for you.

Divide the mane with a mane comb and band loosely in even sections. Aim for between 7 to 13 plaits depending on the length of the neck and the thickness of the mane. An odd number of plaits is best.

Remove the band on the first section and plait down starting the plait tightly at the top with no stray hairs.

Plait to the bottom and fasten with an elastic plaiting band and repeat the process with all sections. Then stand back to check the sections look even and tidy and compliment your horses neck shape/length.

Take a plaiting needle and thread colour that is closest to your horses mane colour and knot the end.

Fold the first plait in half and then roll the remaining half under the plait until it can not be rolled any further. Once rolled keep hold of the rolled plait in one hand and push the needle upwards from the underside through the centre. Go back through the same way sewing up and down until the plait is firm and held in place. Snip the thread close to the plait so there is no excess thread showing. Repeat this process down the mane.

When you have finished plaiting use a plaiting spray or hairspray to hold the plaits in place and flatten stray hairs then put on a stretch lycra horse hood to protect the plaits. Any good fitting horse hood is suitable as long as it is comfortable and clean. With the use of a skinny show hood plaiting can be done the night before a competition.