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Blog » Horse Rug Rub Prevention: Stop Rubbing In Horses With Underwear From Snuggy Hoods

The age old problem of how to stop your horse from suffering from rubbing. The best and most effective way to stop the rub is to protect your horse with a bug body.

Snuggy Hoods Underwear For Horses

Stop rug rubs with the Silky Petticoat Rug - made from the same fantastic fabric as our Silky Bibs, these fabulous under rugs will add shine to any coat whilst preventing chaffs and rubs from rugs.

horse rug rub prevention

Lightweight, easy to fit and to wash - an essential addition to the Snuggy wardrobe!

As you can see the anti rub petticoat is ideal. The silky fabric is perfect in preventing the dreaded itch and sits comfortably under our horse rugs and bug bodies.