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Blog » Help Your Horse or Pony Shed Their Winter Coat

The Dreaded Winter Coat Shredding

As spring draws near, horses will begin to shed their thick winter coats; here is blog that suggests ways in which you can speed up the process and have your horse looking fabulous in no time.

For many the process of their horse or pony shedding its coat is a lengthy one, which incurs many hours of grooming, needless to say many hairy jumpers! The addition of light and vigorous grooming can help speed the process up although the best solution is no doubt to clip your horse to avoid the winter coat ever growing too thick.

Many worry that by clipping their horse or pony, they become too cold during turnout or even when stood in its stable. The key to clipping is the correct rugging, if you do not wish to rug your horse then we would not suggest to ever clip it.

An initial layer or skin is great to add additional warmth. Snuggy Hoods offer a Spik & Span rug which is commonly used throughout the Winter & Spring to ensure their horse does not catch a chill and prevents coats getting too thick throughout the change in seasons. The Bug Body fly rug which may be in the back of your horses wardrobe can be dragged back out to be used for this purpose. Simply remove the neck from the rug and use the body as the initial layer.

The Bug Body rug is extremely versatile and we have found it has a super quality in helping your horses shed its coat. It is important to remove the rug every couple of days as the hair which has been shed will collect in the tummy cover. Once removed continue with your vigorous grooming process and then put the rug back on once finished. In the colder months to help shedding, add additional rugs accordingly dependent on temperature. The key factor is to ensure your horse and pony is kept super snug at all times to prevent it from growing back a thick coat anytime soon.