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Blog » Get Your Horses Coat to Shine Like The Professionals!

A shiny horse or pony is the sign of a healthy happy one. Here are Snuggy Hoods' top tips to create a beautiful shiny coat and win ribbons in the show ring!

1. Groom your horse or pony regularly with clean brushes. Grooming removes dead hairs, improves circulation and allows bonding time for you and your horse.

2. Make sure your horse is comfortable. Choose hoods and rugs that suit your horses shape and fit well so they don't cause rug rubs, chaffing or hair loss. Keeps horse hoods and rugs clean.

3. Feed your horse the best. Good nutrition is key to a shiny coat. Oils are known to improves coat shine.

4. Avoid mud fever, rain scald and Queensland itch - cover your horse or pony with a rug and or hood that helps prevent mud fever and rain scald as these conditions will affect the coat. Queensland itch protection is essential if your horse suffers from midge bites, cover them up 24/7 with summer rugs to prevent the insects biting.

5. Keep the tail clean and tangle free. Regular brushing can break tail hair and thin the tail. Use a horse tail bag to keep the tail clean and tangle free.

6. Get outside help! Skinny hoods and lycra rugs polish the hair as the horse moves, leaving the coat shinier.

7. Get professional advice. If your horse's coat is dull and they appear unhealthy seek advice from a vet in case there is an underlying problem.

shiny horse coat with summer hoods and lycra rugs