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Blog » Causes of Different Behaviours in Horses

happy horse living in field paddock all year round

There are many reasons why a horse may be stabled 24/7, injury, allergies, lack of grazing available. Research suggests managing horses in this way can pre dispose them to negative behaviours such as wind sucking, weaving and box walking, nutritional imbalances or simply just result in an unhappy horse or a grumpy pony! Boredom can be a factor as well as poor stable management. Saying that many horses live happily being stabled all the time and some are better off being managed more carefully especially those that are prone to laminitis or have severe allergies to insects or other external factors.

Horses and ponies living out in the paddock 24/7 are thought to be happier, more healthy and easier to ride/handle but there are also negative effects such as injury, anti-social behaviour, rain scald, mud fever and again nutritional imbalance if there is poor grass quality or lack of natural forage.

In conclusion try and work out a happy medium, what works best for your horse or pony and of course you!