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Blog » Causes and Prevention of Coat Bleaching

stop horse coat bleaching horse uv protection

If you want your horse to look his or her best it is essential to stop the sun from bleaching their coat. A discoloured, dull or faded coat is never a good look for any horse, especially when performing in the show ring or for a competitive sports horse or pony.

The simplest way to stop coat bleaching from the sun is to cover the horse up. There are many specialist hoods and sheets for summer use, which not only stop the UV rays but also stop insects biting and keep the horse or pony clean and shiny.

Snuggy Hoods recommend the Bug Body Fly Rug with the Anti Itch Mask for complete nose to tail summer protection. Another great combination is the Summer Anti Itch Hood used with a horse cotton sheet.

Horses seen to be most affected by sun bleaching are the darker colours like black and bay but it can also affect chestnuts, buckskins and to a lesser extent greys.

Another option is to keep the horse indoors during sunlight hours but this is potentially much more time consuming and not a natural lifestyle for equines.

A sun bleached or dull coat can be a sign of mineral deficiency and the way to correct this is to put the horse on a more than adequate nutrient and mineral balanced diet. All equines have a requirement for carbs, protein, minimal fat, vitamins, minerals and water to stay healthy.

Breeding mares have the highest needs and young/growing horses require a higher concentration of minerals compared to mature horses. The greater the workload, the higher the requirements for protein and minerals.